Give nine months evangelizing Catholic youth and young adults through parish and retreat ministry.

Live in community striving for holiness with other young adults.Commit to a prayer life based on daily Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, silent prayer, praise and Eucharistic Adoration.

Fully participate in weekly formation classes, monthly spiritual direction and on-going ministry training.

Team members receive room, food, health insurance, formation, spiritual direction, $150 monthly allowance and a $2,000 completion stipend.

SPIRITUS is an amazing journey of growing in holiness and evangelizing thousands of young Catholics.

It's a life-changing adventure!

Evangelizing young Catholics is an exciting and fulfilling way to serve our Lord and others!
Servant Leader

There are opportunities for team members to serve a second year. Some of these individuals will be asked to serve as a Servant Leader to the team. The Servant Leader is a team member, living and serving with the team.

The Servant Leader interfaces between the team and the SPIRITUS Coordinator. Their primary focus is to grow in holiness while serving the team.

The Servant Leader also helps train and prepare the team members for the ministry. The Servant Leader position is a ten month position. The benefits include: room, food, health insurance, formation, spiritual direction, and a doubled salary from that of a team member.

SPIRITUS Coordinator

The Coordinator supervises, trains and forms the team in holiness. These individuals are at least in their third year of SPIRITUS and work closely with the Director and Assistant Director to form the team for ministry and leadership in the Church.

The Coordinator position is an eleven month position and benefits include: room, food, health insurance, formation, spiritual direction and a full time salary. In addition, the tuition for a Masters in Theology as well as the books required are compensated.

To Apply for the SPIRITUS Team:

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Emily and Michelle have returned for a second year as Servant Leaders. They get twice the compensation as fiirst year team members and they help train team members and assist the coordinators.

After two years on the SPIRITUS, Robbie and Rachel are now SPIRITUS Coordinators. Robbie coordinates the team in Green Bay and Rachel coordinates the team in Menasha.

If you have any questions about joining the SPIRITUS Team, please contact Leah at (920) 722-8918 or email.
"SPIRITUS has been a tremendous blessing in my life and I have witnessed the powerful effect it has had on the lives of thousands of youth. I am in my third year and leading this team in the ministry and into a deeper relationship with our Lord. I am taking this opportunity to pursue a Masters in Evangelization and Catechesis at Augustine Institute. To God be the glory!" Erin Schuessler