Episcopal Advisor
Bishop Robert Morneau
Spiritual Advisors
  • Fr. Daniel Schuster
  • Fr. James Walling
  • Fr. Andrew Kurz
    Fr. Luke Ferris
    Lisa Preissner
Fr. Daniel Schuster
Eden Foord - Founder/Director
I have taught college Communication courses and worked in college campus ministry at both Catholic and public universities for most of my career. In 2003, I began directing Mount Tabor Center and founded SPIRITUS in 2009. I am passionate about giving young adults opportunities to evangelize and leading them into holiness. I have written several spiritual books for young adults. I live in Menasha with Katherine and our six kids.
Katherine Foord - Founder/Assistant Director
I have worked as a youth minister in parishes in the Archdioceses of Indianapolis and Omaha. I enjoy working with youth of all ages and feel blessed to be part of Mount Tabor's rich history. I plan and direct retreats for youth and help with other programs hosted by Mount Tabor Center. Getting to know the teens and adult leaders that come to Mount Tabor is really fun for me. Watching young people experience the love of God on retreat is what it's all about!
Andrea School - Development Coordinator/Recruitor

I felt the call to take part in the new evangelization and am so thankful to have been brought to SPIRITUS. I have a background as a Professional Scouter and enjoy adventurous activities such as windsurfing and sailing. I am passionate about serving youth and leading them to the things they never thought possible. At Mount Tabor, I am in charge of donor relations as well as bringing in new SPIRITUS team members each year.

Annette Hovie - Admin. Assistant
I was lead to Mount Tabor after choosing to leave a 30 year career in healthcare. I put my faith in God and knew He would put me where I could serve Him best. I feel both humbled and privileged to assist the SPIRITUS team, who are filled with the Holy Spirit evangelizing to the youth. God is amazing!
Crystal De Leeuw - Admin. Assistant
I joined the Mount Tabor Center staff in August 2012. In my role as administrative assistant/database manager, I am given the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of people as well as work with numbers and data. It is a joy to work with everyone here and to see what a difference SPIRITUS makes in the lives of our youth.

Janette Vanevenhoven -

Volunteer Coordinator/Hospitality

In 2007 I retired from teaching. I have always been a "caretaker" with both my family and career. Working at Mount Tabor offers me the opportunity to connect and to serve with staff, volunteers, and guests.
Catherine Wallace - Retreat Coordinator/Promoter
I felt called to SPIRITUS after taking a 20-year hiatus from the outside working world to raise our six children. My previous work experience was with Marquette University and a company that helped children with learning difficulties. For the past 20 years, I have been an active volunteer in the Catholic school system, church and community. It is such a privilege to take part in something as meaningful as bringing God’s message to our youth!
Mary Kay Predayna - Bookkeeper
I joined the Mount Tabor Center staff in March 2013 as their Bookkeeper. I have worked in the accounting field my entire career, both in public and private industry. I feel blessed to be able use my skills as a bookkeeper to assist Mount Tabor Center in fulfilling their mission.
Liz Gara - Housekeeper
Robbie Jennings - SPIRITUS-GB Coordinator
Hi, I am so excited to be here for a third year. I hail from Southern California to come to this beautiful area to become a missionary for Jesus Christ. This year I am leading a team up in Green Bay and I hope that through this new opportunity that Jesus will forge me into the best man that I can become. His Will is my hope.
Emily Shackleton - SPIRITUS-GB Servant Leader
I am from Appleton, Wisconsin. I studied at Marquette University in Milwaukee and graduated with a degree in Writing – Intensive English with a minor in Psychology. I am back for my second year of SPIRITUS. I am excited to evangelize Catholic youth and help form new team members. Holy Spirit, guide us!
Katie Beaubien- SPIRITUS-GB Team
Hello! I hail from the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from University of Portland, Oregon with a B.S. in Organizational Communication and a minor in Catholic Studies. I also recently earned a Master Degree in Organizational Leadership. I have been serving as a youth minister in southern Oregon for the past three years and am excited to broaden my horizons and serve God’s people in the Midwest.
Andy Wareham - SPIRITUS-GB Team
Howdy! I am from the small town of Stevenson, Washington. I have always wanted to spread the love of our God and to help others receive a deeper understanding of their faith. I have finally been blessed to have been given this awesome opportunity at SPIRITUS, and have nothing but excitement for this upcoming year!
Chelsea Verges - SPIRITUS-GB Team
Hello! My name is Chelsea and I hail from Baraboo, Wisconsin. I graduated this past December with a bachelor’s in Music Performance from Viterbo University. I am not sure where God wants me to go with this degree, but He led me to SPIRITUS where I can serve Him and discern my vocation at the same time. I am really excited to see where He leads me in this next year and in my future.
Rachel Van Handel - SPIRITUS-MTC Coordinator
Hi! My name is Rachel Van Handel and I'm from Appleton, WI. I received my Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies and Sociology from UW-Madison. I am back for my third year on SPIRITUS as the coordinator for the Menasha team. I have an enormous heart for the youth and I'm excited to continue to share the amazing love of God!
Michelle Sneed- SPIRITUS-MTC Servant Leader
Hi! I am from Malvern, IA. I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology. I am back for my second year on SPIRITUS as a Servant Leader. I am so excited to have the Holy Spirit to continue to work through me and inspire young Catholics to keep involved with the faith and get to know Christ more!
Sam Shackelford- SPIRITUS-MTC Team
Greetings from the capital of Cardinals Nation – St. Louis, MO! Before I joined SPIRITUS, I was the touring bassist for Catholic musician Michael James Mette and traveled the country and the world. Before that, I graduated with an MTS through Ave Maria University, and before that I worked in parish youth ministry. I am so excited to be here in Wisconsin and I ask for your prayers.
Layne Behncke - SPIRITUS-MTC Team
Hey! My name is Layne Grace and I am from Palm Harbor, Florida. I graduated this summer with a B.A. in Religion as well as Theatre from Florida State University. I am in love with God and pray His words will come through me this year. I am overjoyed for this coming year and the fun ahead!
Arthur Richardson - SPIRITUS-MTC Team


Hello! I went to University of Michigan, Flint and I am taking a year for discernment. I am from Owosso, Michigan and I hope to be guided to the next step in my life, help renew the Church’s youth and grow deeper in the knowledge and love of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Elizabeth Verges - SPIRITUS-MTC Team
I am from Baraboo, Wisconsin and I graduated from Wyoming Catholic College with a degree in Liberal Arts. I am looking forward to serving others and offering to God all that I am for His glory. Omnia ad Dei Gloriam per Marian.
Mitch Thompson - SPIRITUS-MTC Team
I'm from Little Chute, WI and and attended the University of Wisconsin, Fox Valley. I can feel the zeal and love of Christ within our community. I am excited to grow in holiness with my new brothers and sisters and I cannot wait to see what the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit do with this group of awesome disciples.
Angie Hall - SPIRITUS-MTC Team
Hi, I’m from Akron, Ohio. I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Marketing. I’m excited to share the Gospel and Christ’s love with the youth of Wisconsin. I’m looking forward to growing in holiness with SPIRITUS this year.
Scott Dimler - SPIRITUS-MTC Team





Hi, I’m from Orange County, California. I graduated from California State University, Northridge with a B.A. in Religious Studies. I’ve been working with the church since I was 16 and I am extremely excited to continue my work with SPIRITUS.












Sherry Li - SPIRITUS-MTC Team





I’m from Salt Lake City and I attended the University of Utah. I studied Psychology and political Science and have been teaching elementary school the past few years. God is such an amazing mystery and I am excited to put out into the deep and see how He calls me to completely rely on Him.








Aaron Strauss - SPIRITUS-MTC Team





Hi! I'm from Philadelphia and graduated from Drexel University with a B.A. in Communication. God has given me countless blessings throughout my life, but none of them have been greater than the call to serve on SPIRITUS. I'm looking forward to discerning God's will for my life in this faith-filled community and helping the youth of Wisconsin to see the pure joy of being Catholic!