Episcopal Advisor
Bishop Robert Morneau
Spiritual Advisors
  • Fr. Daniel Schuster
  • Fr. James Walling
  • Fr. Andrew Kurz
    Fr. Luke Ferris
    Fr. Jason Blahnik
    Lisa Preissner
Fr. Daniel Schuster
Eden Foord - Founder/Director
I have taught college Communication courses and worked in college campus ministry at both Catholic and public universities for most of my career. In 2003, I began directing Mount Tabor Center and founded SPIRITUS in 2009. I am passionate about giving young adults opportunities to evangelize and leading them into holiness. I have written several spiritual books for young adults. I live in Menasha with Katherine and our six kids.
Katherine Foord - Founder/Assistant Director
I have worked as a youth minister in parishes in the Archdioceses of Indianapolis and Omaha. I enjoy working with youth of all ages and feel blessed to be part of Mount Tabor's rich history. I plan and direct retreats for youth and help with other programs hosted by Mount Tabor Center. Getting to know the teens and adult leaders that come to Mount Tabor is really fun for me. Watching young people experience the love of God on retreat is what it's all about!
Andrea Gratton- Coordinator of Retreats & Recruiting
I felt the call to take part in the new evangelization and am so thankful to have been brought to SPIRITUS. I have a background as a Professional Scouter and enjoy adventurous activities such as windsurfing and sailing. I am passionate about serving youth and leading them to the things they never thought possible. At Mount Tabor, I am in charge of setting up the retreats as well as bringing in new SPIRITUS team members each year.
Annette Hovie - Admin. Assistant
I was lead to Mount Tabor after choosing to leave a 30 year career in healthcare. I put my faith in God and knew He would put me where I could serve Him best. I feel both humbled and privileged to assist the SPIRITUS team, who are filled with the Holy Spirit evangelizing to the youth. God is amazing!
Crystal De Leeuw - Admin. Assistant
I joined the Mount Tabor Center staff in August 2012. In my role as administrative assistant/database manager, I am given the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of people as well as work with numbers and data. It is a joy to work with everyone here and to see what a difference SPIRITUS makes in the lives of our youth.

Janette Vanevenhoven -

Volunteer Coordinator/Hospitality

In 2007 I retired from teaching. I have always been a "caretaker" with both my family and career. Working at Mount Tabor offers me the opportunity to connect and to serve with staff, volunteers, and guests.
Stephen Semanek- Development Coordinator
My prayers were answered this year when I became the Development Coordinator for SPIRITUS/Mount Tabor Center in June of 2013. I am blessed for all that has happened in my life as a member of the Catholic community; a wonderful family, successful in business as an account manager for over twenty years and the calling which led me to the door of Mount Tabor Center and SPIRITUS.
Mary Kay Predayna - Bookkeeper
I joined the Mount Tabor Center staff in March 2013 as their Bookkeeper. I have worked in the accounting field my entire career, both in public and private industry. I feel blessed to be able use my skills as a bookkeeper to assist Mount Tabor Center in fulfilling their mission.
Liz Gara - Housekeeper
Jared Cunio - SPIRITUS-GB Coordinator
I joined SPIRITUS two years ago after graduating from the University of South Florida. I grew up in Titusville, Florida, near the Kennedy Space Center. I am very excited to be stepping into a new role as the Coordinator of the team. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to lead such a great team of evangelizers as we all grow together in holiness while carrying out our mission to witness to the youth.
Kate Ruth - SPIRITUS-GB Servant Leader
I'm from Port Washington, WI, and went to school at UW-Green Bay. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Social Work. This is my second year on the SPIRITUS Team, and I am so excited to be able to continue to share my excitement for our faith, and especially to be back in the Green Bay area, which is where my faith really started to grow.
Julie Escobar - SPIRITUS-GB Servant Leader
Hi, I’m from Brush Colorado. I graduated from McPherson College with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. I am ecstatic to be back with this transforming journey of SPIRITUS for a second year as a Servant Leader. I am looking forward to serving and helping the youth embrace Jesus Christ and their Catholic Faith. It's going to be a phenomenal year!
Noah Simmons - SPIRITUS-GB Team
Praise the Lord! I'm from Algoma, WI and I’m taking a year of service in the Church as I discern where God is calling me. I love running, reading, playing guitar, and I know I'm going to love praying and hanging out with the youth this year.
Emily Shackleton- SPIRITUS-GB Team
I am from Appleton, WI. I studied at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI and graduated with a degree in Writing-Intensive English with a minor in psychology. I know that God is calling me to the mission of evangelizing Catholic youth in the Wisconsin area, and I am excited to begin this mission! I cannot wait to inspire others and to grow in holiness!
Melissa LaNeve - SPIRITUS-GB Team
Hi! I'm from Franklin, Massachusetts. I graduated from Stonehill College with a BA in Psychology and minor in Business Administration. I've always had a great love for my Catholic faith and I'm excited to spread that love this year with the SPIRITUS team! I look forward to seeing the youth grow in their faith as I grow as well.
Rachel Van Handel - SPIRITUS-MTC Servant Leader
I'm from Appleton, WI. I received my Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies and Sociology from UW-Madison. I am back for my second year on SPIRITUS as a Servant Leader. I have an enormous heart for the youth and I'm excited to continue to share the amazing love of God!
Michael Servis - SPIRITUS-MTC Servant Leader
I graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Political Science. I have a great love for Jesus and the Blessed Mother and a passion for evangelizing. I am excited to bring the Word of God to the youth throughout this year.
Robbie Jennings - SPIRITUS-MTC Servant Leader
Hi, I am from San Jacinto, CA. This is my second year on the team and I am so happy to once again be an instrument for spreading the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to the younger generation. This year I am hoping that I am going to grow ever deeper in my relationship with Christ and to find out what God wants me to do with my life.
Michelle Jacobs - SPIRITUS-MTC Team


I'm from Vienna, WV and am a recent graduate from Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH, with a Bachelor's degree in Theology and Catholic Culture. I'm one of the music leaders and I love singing and playing guitar for the Lord. This year I am very excited to be on the team and share the faith with the youth.
Dennis Hatmaker - SPIRITUS-MTC Team
I am from Highland, MI. I recently graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy. I am new to SPIRITUS this year and I am very excited to witness to the youth through the power of the Holy Spirit! I thank God for this opportunity!
Michelle Sneed - SPIRITUS-MTC Team
Hi! I am from Malvern, IA. I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology. I am so excited to have the Holy Spirit work through me and inspire young Catholics to keep involved with the faith and get to know Christ more!
Kristine Dahlman - SPIRITUS-MTC Team
I am from Maple Grove, Minnesota. I recently graduated from Southwest Minnesota State University with a major in English Literature. I am excited to be a part of SPIRITUS this year to both share the beauty of the Catholic Church with the youth and learn more about it myself.
Eric Rudd - SPIRITUS-MTC Team
I'm from Oshkosh, WI and this is my first year with SPIRITUS. I'm very excited for this opportunity to help the Catholic youth of Wisconsin grow in their faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ, while I grow as well. I love playing guitar and participating in athletics.