SPIRITUS was born out of the Holy Father's World Youth Day call to young adults as he states, "I assure you that the Spirit of Jesus today is inviting you young people to be bearers of the good news of Jesus to your contemporaries."

We wear another quote from his speech on our shirts as a reminder about our mission, "The Spirit wishes, particularly through you young people, to stir up the wind and fire of a New Pentecost in the world." Please read Pope Benedict XVI's World Youth Day speech.

Recently, Pope Benedict XVI has again called young Catholics into the mission of the Church urging them to "Go and make disciples" Read his full message here. SPIRITUS will train you to respond to this call.

Are you ready to answer our Holy Father's call and change the lives of thousands? Join Us!

Evangelizing young Catholics is an exciting and fulfilling way to serve our Lord and others!
Are you Called to SPIRITUS?
  • Do you:
    Love God and the Catholic faith?
  • Want to live radically for Jesus?
  • Want to inspire young Catholics?
  • Are you:
    Between 20-29 years of age?
  • In college or a graduate?
  • Mature and physically ready to evangelize?
  • Willing to serve and accept the challenges and rewards of the ministry?
  • Contact Andrea at (920) 722-8918 or email.
  • If you answered YES to these questions, apply to be on the next SPIRITUS team!